13 November 2006

Crouching Pop Star, Hidden Gnu

Not much new in the past month. I've just added a review for a fun Japanese action game called Bujingai. My current passion is the Free Software movement, and I've been trying to get rid of as much proprietary software as possible. A couple of days ago I installed a new GNU/Linux distro called gNewSense, which shows a lot of potential... There's not much I can do myself for the cause, except make a stand and stick to the Free Software ideology as closely as possible in my own life. If there only were great many of us that did the same, the world might be a better place, at least as far as ethical and sustainable software development goes...

12 October 2006

The Future Is Now

BossBattle.net has a brand new look. And I'm pretty happy about it. It looks much more neat and professional now. I've also made some changes to some of the sections, particularly my personal homepage, which has gone through a big cleanup. The Hercules & Xena RPG page is gone, as I'm not running the game at the moment, and thus had no motivation for upkeeping it. Instead there's a new RPG resources page. (Well, the page actually existed before, under my personal homepage, but I hope to expand it in the future...)

I hope whoever might end up here will enjoy the new look and feel, and make use of what I have here... Don't be afraid to drop me a line, or visit the forums.