25 January 2008

Too Old to Grow Up

Truer words than this were never uttered. (Wow, I'm actually commenting on something I found on the web, like in a real weblog.)

Since the comic strip may not be online forever, here's a summary:

Nemi: I've been press-ganged into looking after you, so you've got to eat your cabbage so you grow up to be big and strong!
Kid: Not before you give me one advantage to growing up!
(Nemi thinks, then tosses the cabbage away.)
Nemi: Get out the jelly beans!

Though, frankly, the last thing I want to think about right now is sweets. My snacking habit has been getting a little too wild lately. Time to turn a new leaf and start living healthily... uh, yeah, right.

Right now I'm working my way chronologically through all of Tom Petty's albums (I've been a big fan of his for a long time). I'm up to Southern Accents (1985). And my hands smell of rosemary...

22 January 2008

Interior Decorating

No updates, just rambling this time. I recently moved into a new room. My old room looked rather, um, teenaged, with walls full of posters. I'm trying to decorate my new room with a little more elegance, but still true to my inner geekness. I'm buying new posters, but only one or two per wall (I don't want to clutter them up). I'm also placing the posters in glass clip frames, which looks a heck of a lot more elegant than lots of posters just stuck to the walls. The main motif is apparently going to be female manga characters, and mostly work from Masamune Shirow. I'd really love to have one or two posters of old video games, but they might be too hard to find.

19 January 2008

Welcome to My Nightmare

My first ever review of a PS3 game is now online. The game in question is The Simpsons Game, which, being a Simpsons fan, I enjoyed very much. The PS3 certainly has lots of potential, but it remains to be seen if it can deliver such a mindboggling number of great games as the previous two PlayStations have.

Apart from playing games, I've been listening to lots of music lately, discovering Alice Cooper and Alanis Morissette, and rediscovering many old favourites, from ELO to Roger McGuinn. The Stones' Undercover is playing as I write this. I'm also hoping to get my sleep rhytm fixed (I've been staying up till three or later as a rule lately, and that's not doing me a lot of good in the long run). And that's about it. Haven't really been up to much.

5 January 2008

HD and Seeing Yellow

Not much in the way of updates (I did add a review of the classic arcade shooter DoDonPachi a while back). But it's much easier to add little entries now and publish them with the push of a button. (I used to have to upload each update with an FTP client, but now publishing is done directly on the server.) This site is pretty much plain html. I don't use any fancy blogging software, so there are no tags, searches, comments or other interactivity you might expect from a blog these days. If I start writing a lot of these entries, I might have to consider switching to some king of blogging software, but that day's still far off.

I just bought a PS3. There aren't many interesting games for the console yet, but there are a couple coming this year, and since I had a little money from translation work I've been doing, this seemed like a good time to invest in it. The first games I bought were The Simpsons Game (which was a must, as I'm a huge fan of the show), and Folklore (which is more or less the only game so far in my favourite genre, Japanese action/adventure). Simpsons looks cool and funny. But reviews will come sometime later.