5 January 2008

HD and Seeing Yellow

Not much in the way of updates (I did add a review of the classic arcade shooter DoDonPachi a while back). But it's much easier to add little entries now and publish them with the push of a button. (I used to have to upload each update with an FTP client, but now publishing is done directly on the server.) This site is pretty much plain html. I don't use any fancy blogging software, so there are no tags, searches, comments or other interactivity you might expect from a blog these days. If I start writing a lot of these entries, I might have to consider switching to some king of blogging software, but that day's still far off.

I just bought a PS3. There aren't many interesting games for the console yet, but there are a couple coming this year, and since I had a little money from translation work I've been doing, this seemed like a good time to invest in it. The first games I bought were The Simpsons Game (which was a must, as I'm a huge fan of the show), and Folklore (which is more or less the only game so far in my favourite genre, Japanese action/adventure). Simpsons looks cool and funny. But reviews will come sometime later.

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