19 January 2008

Welcome to My Nightmare

My first ever review of a PS3 game is now online. The game in question is The Simpsons Game, which, being a Simpsons fan, I enjoyed very much. The PS3 certainly has lots of potential, but it remains to be seen if it can deliver such a mindboggling number of great games as the previous two PlayStations have.

Apart from playing games, I've been listening to lots of music lately, discovering Alice Cooper and Alanis Morissette, and rediscovering many old favourites, from ELO to Roger McGuinn. The Stones' Undercover is playing as I write this. I'm also hoping to get my sleep rhytm fixed (I've been staying up till three or later as a rule lately, and that's not doing me a lot of good in the long run). And that's about it. Haven't really been up to much.

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