26 February 2008

Roads That Lead to Music

Lots of experimentation lately with new kinds of music. (The listening variety, not creating new music.) And I find myself finding new music through strange routes.

I'm a big Buffy fan, as I've recently mentioned. Buffy introduced me to an interesting, experimental group called Cibo Matto. Through Cibo Matto I discovered Sean Lennon (son of better known Lennon). Who I've been listening to a lot during the last couple of days and liking a lot. Actually, I also discovered country singer Alison Krauss, whose songs I've been listening to a lot since last autumn, through Buffy.

16 February 2008

Early One Morning

Still no updates, but I thought I'd write a few words here anyway. My website has too often stood dead for half a year or more, and I'd like to avoid that in the future. So, if I have nothing better to say, I'll just do some idle blogging every now and then. Not that I expect hardly anyone to be reading this. But, just in case someone does find their way here, I might as well try to give them a reason to come back. (I don't really read a lot of blogs myself. The only exception lately has been Neil Gaiman's wonderful blog.)

Haven't gotten around to playing more games, mostly because I've been re-watching Buffy most evenings. I started with season 5, which was where I left off when I was previously watching it last spring, and now I'm halfway through season 7. I can watch about a season per week if nothing gets in the way... And you would be correct in deducing that I'm a huge Buffy fan.

Still listening to lots of music. Queen has been my favourite of late. Oh, in case anyone would happen to be interested in what I'm listening to, I'm registered at Last.fm. You can find my profile here.

(It is not early in the morning as I write this. Fellow Buffy fans should get the reference.)