20 March 2008

Games That Could Have Been

This isn't actually news, but I haven't advertised it a whole lot.

As you may or may not know, I've been interested in electronic music created with tracker software for quite some time. My interest lies mainly in music inspired by old video games and also demoscene music (although I've never been a scener myself). Some of my own tracker creations have been available under the Elcalen's Homepage section for years.

Sometime last year, however, I registered as an artist at Last.fm and uploaded a selection of MP3 versions of my early tracker tunes there, creating an album titled Games That Could Have Been. The tracks can be listened to online or freely downloaded. (If you're a tracker enthusiast, the original mods can be found on my website.)

My artist profile at Last.fm can be found here.

You can listen to the tracks in question here.

There is also more information about the background of these tracks here.

Now, these tracks are likely to appeal to a fairly limited audience, primarily those interested in old video games or old tracker music. But go ahead and give them a go. It'll cost nothing. In theory I should be able to get royalties for tracks streamed over Last.fm (but not from MP3 downloads). However, the amounts are likely to be so small that I think these tunes will never see enough plays to make a single cent, let alone the amount needed to actually collect money.

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