11 March 2008

New Blogs For Old

I decided to take the plunge and switch to blogger.com for the purpose of managing the blog section of my website. What this means in practice is that there's now an automated archiving and labeling system, as well as the possibility for readers to add comments to posts.

I've spent much of the day customizing the template so that it is in line with the rest of my site. I'll probably still keep on tweaking the look of the blog part of the page for some time. The code for the page is likely to be quite messy still, as what I did was basically just take a sample template and replace bits of css and html with code from my website. Lots of cleaning up would be in order, but as long as it works, I'll be happy. Luckily I hadn't accumulated a whole lot of posts yet, so I was able to move the old posts into the new system without much trouble.

Other than that, not much happening. I'm totally hooked on Sweeney Todd, and have been listening to the soundtrack a lot since I saw the movie last week. Oh, and playing Star Ocean: The Second Story.


  1. Update: Everything's starting to be pretty much in order, except for minor issue or two, like the line spacing in the sidebar being a little different on the blog pages than on other pages.

  2. Well.. I'll just test this then.

  3. Another update: The sidebar line spacing issue seems to have vanished after I did some editing to the template. I'm not sure how this happened, as I didn't think I was editing any segment that should have affected it. I wasn't a major issue, and most people wouldn't probably even have noticed it, but I'm glad if it remains fixed...


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