15 March 2008

Not Issueless But

I spent a good amount of time this past week setting up the new blog system and tweaking the code. It's looking pretty good, I think, but there are still issues, some which may be obvious to visitors and some not.

The most obvious visual bug is the fact that on very short pages the blog sidebar doesn't fit inside the page borders. The cause for this may be something quite obvious, but with my limited html skills I'm having trouble figuring it out. The code for both the main column and sidebar is contained within the div tags that define the border. Maybe it has to do with the float settings? I dunno.

Another issue that most visitors are unlikely to even be aware of is actually even more annoying to me. I ran the page through the W3 html validator, and wasn't really surprised to see it fail. I've been trying to clean up the code, but some errors still remain. Most of them have to do with just a couple of lines of code. However, I'm suspecting that most of the code causing errors is generated by Blogger.com, so I'm not quite sure what I can do about it.

I've taken a couple of days off from working on the website and focused on more important things. Like playing Star Ocean. Life must go on. But I hope I can get these things fixed at some point in the future.

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