19 March 2008

A Touch of Vertigo

Note to self. Gotta get these when I have more money.

I just read that Vertigo, a division of DC Comics, is reissuing their Vertigo tarot deck. The deck is illustrated by Dave McKean, a brilliant artist probably best known for his collaboration with Neil Gaiman. Like a lot of McKean's work, these cards look fairly abstract. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing, as it allows you to bring your own experience to the reading rather than relying on some other person's interpretation. It's a matter of taste, of course. Some people like cards with pictures that immediately relate their meaning. All I know is these cards are beautiful and I need to own them, whether I found them to work well for reading or not.

I have a passion for tarot, as you might have deduced, even though I don't get around to reading them nearly as much as I'd like, and (for that very same reason) I'm not a terribly experienced reader. And no, I don't believe in 'fortune telling'. The tarot can only tell you what is already in your mind. It helps you focus your thoughts and view an issue from different viewpoints, and maybe even get in touch subconscious feelings about it.

For the record, my current favoured deck is the Tarot of the Old Path.

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