17 March 2008

What Friends Are For Pt 3

Second morning. There's not a whole lot of change actually. Muscles still ache. It's mostly my upper arms that I notice at the moment, but my legs ache as well when I move around. It's no worse than yesterday, so I expect it'll start getting better before too long.

Someone had the bright idea of mixing most of the bacon in a risotto (what a waste), and in the end I only had enough for one butty, and not quite as much for that as I'd have liked. I usually make a very simple bacon butty. Just two slices of toast with margarine, a couple of slices of tomato, and several slices of fried bacon. I'm not used to using mayo or other sauces in sandwiches, as we've never really used them in my family. (I think they are used less in Finnish cuisine in general than they are in Britain, for example.) We rarely even buy salad dressings. That being said, I have a hard time accepting a hamburger without mayo.

As for updates, I've been doing little tweaks here and there. Probably nothing you'd even notice, but some sections should be cleaner and more up to date.

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