16 March 2008

What Friends Are For

I've just spent most of the day helping friends move. It's nearing 1am as I write this. I've been home for a couple of hours. Mostly just sitting in my chair, as I didn't quite feel like sleeping yet.

Current situation: I feel utterly exhausted. My limbs don't hurt at this point, but they feel very heavy and stiff, to the point that drinking a cup of tea feels barely manageable. I've got two or three bruises on the thigh of my right leg. (Surprisingly no more than that, and in no other region that I can see so far.)

And was it worth it? Of course. I mean, what are friends for? Yes, physical torture, apparently. But seriously, I've enjoyed the hospitality of these dear people countless times, giving very little back, apart from my company of course. Today's assistance was the least I could do to repay them. Not something I'd like to repeat very soon, though.

Now I will sleep. And tomorrow I'll write about how my condition develops.

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  1. Oh, poor elcalen! We appreciated your help more than can be expressed. :) And yes, there will be a big party for all you dear people - plus more hospitality.


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