12 April 2008

Songs Can Be Funny Too

Just been watching videos of Tim Minchin on YouTube. He's an Australian musician and comedian. Many of his songs are quite hilarious. I heartily recommend getting acquainted. Inflatable You is as good a place to start as any. (And, just FYI, I discovered this guy via Neil Gaiman's blog. Cheers once again to good old Neil.)

Speaking of Neil Gaiman connections, I've also been listening to Tori Amos a lot this week. Not as funny as Minchin, I must admit, but a wonderful singer and songwriter. Right now it's just past midnight and I'm sitting in candle light listening to Amos on headphones. That's really the only way, isn't it?

8 April 2008

Introducing Wyrmvoid

Update: New fantasy setting, Wyrmvoid, in the RPG section.

Two updates in a row, wow. And this one's a fairly big one. I've added material introducing an entire new fantasy setting to the RPG Resources section. The setting is called Wyrmvoid, and it is specifically designed with Dungeons & Dragons in mind. It contains all the traditional trappings of the genre, with all the standard races etc., but adds a twist or two, namely the fact that it is set in a distant future of our own solar system in which the planets have been terraformed into inhabitable worlds, some very much like our own, others much more exotic.

This means that the setting can be used equally well for both the most traditional, cliched dungeon crawling games ever and more original adventures dealing with, for example, interplanetary travel. It also means that there is an almost infinite number of possible locations for adventures as each planet, moon and asteroid is a world of its own.

Whether I'll ever use this world is still a mystery. As I discussed in an earlier post, D&D has both its pros and its cons. If I were to run a second campaign alongside Kin of Cerberos, though, this would be a strong possibility. Use it or not, it's now officially Out There. Maybe someone, somewhere will find it useful (if by some stroke of luck they'd happen to find it).

6 April 2008

The Hunt Is On

Update: Latest episode of my Kin of Cerberos RPG online.

An actual update this time. We finally got around to playing my Kin of Cerberos RPG campaign again, and the story of the latest session is now online. As RPG sessions go, this was hardly one of the most complex. But the main thing is that we got started again, and the seeds of a new, interesting storyline have been sown. This was the tenth session, in fact, which makes it my longest running game since my Xena RPG Triodia. And it looks like this will be my top campaign for some time to come.

I used paper figures for the first time, and was fairly pleased with them. While they're not as impressive as proper metal of plastic miniatures, of course, they're easy and cheap to make, and I'm sure I'll be using them more in the future.

2 April 2008

Comic Web

I discovered Bonobo Conspiracy recently and have been reading lots of past strips (in chunks of about a hundred at a time). I've never been a big reader of web strips. (I'm not sure I like the term web comic. Sandman is a comic. A comic strip is an entirely different concept. It's like comparing Monty Python's Flying Circus to The Matrix. Yes, they might utilise the same medium, but they're very different art forms in every respect.) Mostly I've just been reading online versions of one or two newspaper strips I like (like Nemi).

BoCon is lots of fun. Like most web strips, it's visual appearance is hardly appealing. It's the dialogue and subject matter that count. I think BoCon's target audience is fairly specific, though. Any anime watching hacker neo-pagan geek will surely love it, at least if they don't take themselves too seriously. Other's might not quite get it. Be warned.

There might be other fun strips out there (as I said, I don't know the scene very well). But I've got limited patience for regularly reading lots of different websites. Just a couple each of blogs, strips and news sites is plenty.