2 April 2008

Comic Web

I discovered Bonobo Conspiracy recently and have been reading lots of past strips (in chunks of about a hundred at a time). I've never been a big reader of web strips. (I'm not sure I like the term web comic. Sandman is a comic. A comic strip is an entirely different concept. It's like comparing Monty Python's Flying Circus to The Matrix. Yes, they might utilise the same medium, but they're very different art forms in every respect.) Mostly I've just been reading online versions of one or two newspaper strips I like (like Nemi).

BoCon is lots of fun. Like most web strips, it's visual appearance is hardly appealing. It's the dialogue and subject matter that count. I think BoCon's target audience is fairly specific, though. Any anime watching hacker neo-pagan geek will surely love it, at least if they don't take themselves too seriously. Other's might not quite get it. Be warned.

There might be other fun strips out there (as I said, I don't know the scene very well). But I've got limited patience for regularly reading lots of different websites. Just a couple each of blogs, strips and news sites is plenty.

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