6 April 2008

The Hunt Is On

Update: Latest episode of my Kin of Cerberos RPG online.

An actual update this time. We finally got around to playing my Kin of Cerberos RPG campaign again, and the story of the latest session is now online. As RPG sessions go, this was hardly one of the most complex. But the main thing is that we got started again, and the seeds of a new, interesting storyline have been sown. This was the tenth session, in fact, which makes it my longest running game since my Xena RPG Triodia. And it looks like this will be my top campaign for some time to come.

I used paper figures for the first time, and was fairly pleased with them. While they're not as impressive as proper metal of plastic miniatures, of course, they're easy and cheap to make, and I'm sure I'll be using them more in the future.

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