31 May 2008

Waiting for the Apocalypse

When I see a headline like "Skynet military launch postponed" on BBC, I go, huh? What the hell? This is really spooky. Are nuclear holocaust and robot killing machines really just around the corner? Then I remember that Skynet is also the name of the UK military satellite communication system. A quick glance at Wikipedia tells me that it was originally created in the late sixties, years before Terminator. I wonder if the writers of Terminator were aware of the system? Most likely not, it being a UK system and all. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have named their evil AI after a real life military system. I know I wouldn't. Or at least if I would, I'd make sure it really was a fictional version of the system it was named after, and not a namesake in another country.

Still, nomen est omen and so forth. Maybe one day the real Skynet, in existence since long before the creators of Terminator thought up their futuristic vision, will become sentient and destroy the world...

30 May 2008

Birthday Schmirthday

I really don't need to be any older. Not in my current life situation. No steady income, graduation dragging on and on, no way to live on my own, no relationship. If you look at my life, I should be maybe in my early twenties. But the universe seems to have other ideas. Yes, and of course there's the fact that I'm a lazy bum, but of course I can blame that on the universe as well. Oh, well.

I didn't get my X-Arcade for my birthday, even by magic (I've got a bone to pick with Hermes about that). They said it should be ready for shipping this week, but it's Friday now and I haven't received any confirmation about it. I sent them an email Tuesday night asking about its status, but they haven't answered yet, which is strange, as all my previous inquiries were answered quite promptly. They should be a reputable company, as they're the official X-Arcade retailer in the UK. So maybe they've had some unexpected disaster, illness or something. I really hope I hear from them soon. I honestly wouldn't mind delays, but I hate being left in the dark, especially when I've put a fairly large sum of money into this.

Edit: I emailed again to Gremlin Solutions about the X-Arcade. They replied and apologised for the delay, explaining that their guy in charge of mods had been off sick, and that they'd forgotten about a recent holiday in the UK. They also said they'd throw in a PlayStation 3 adapter for it, as an apology and a birthday present (I'd mentioned earlier that my birthday was coming up, as an incentive for them to ship it speedily). So I'm pretty happy about that. It should ship on Monday now, so hopefully I'll get it by the end of next week.

The really weird thing is, the thought that if it was delayed a lot they might throw in something as an apology, had crossed my mind, and I had thought that a PS3 adapter would be a pretty good choice if it came to that. (Maybe Hermes was on my side, after all, just not in his role as a speedy god but as the patron of commerce. And also thieves ;D.)

29 May 2008


This post is meant to act as a guestbook that I can link to from the front page. Feel free to leave messages or random comments that aren't related to a specific blog post.

28 May 2008

Restructure and Reshuffle

Update: Restructuring RPG sections

No new content, just slightly restructuring and tweaking the RPG Resources section. Namely, I've integrated my old campaign information page that was under the Elcalen's Homepage section into the current RPG section. I should have done that when I first created a dedicated RPG section, but naturally I was too lazy.

Any other thoughts that come to mind seeing as I am blogging? Well, I've been listening to a lot of music on shuffle during the past few days. I usually avoid this. I see the album as a whole which is meant to be listened as such. The songs lose something when taken out of their natural context. However, listening on shuffle I get to hear some neat tracks I rarely listen to. I've just got too much interesting material on my hard drive.

Of course the same goes for my CD rack, and there are many interesting CDs I haven't ripped on my hard drive, but you can't listen to an entire CD collection on shuffle... So, to sum up, it's refreshing, but it's not something I would want to do all the time.

26 May 2008

The Apple Tree Strikes Back

It was kind of spooky just now to look out of my window and see white petals falling from the apple tree in the wind. Not enough to fill the world and transport me to an alternate reality, like in yesterday's Kin of Cerberos session, thankfully. There's a fair amount of white on the ground around the tree, though.

They said my X-Arcade might ship today. I hope it will. That way it could possibly make it here by my birthday on Friday.

25 May 2008

The Apple Tree

Update: New episode of the Kin of Cerberos RPG online

We played another session of my Kin of Cerberos RPG campaign today, and the story 'synopsis' is now online. The episode is titled The Apple Tree. The story was inspired by the fact that there is an apple tree in full bloom just outside my window. It's a strange ghost story, and fun to run, even though it suffered some from being designed, once again, at the very last minute. Not much more to add.

21 May 2008

In Case of Weirdness

Blogger seems to be having trouble completing the publishing process recently. The front page at least looks like it's working OK, but in case you experience any problems, it's probably Blogger's fault.

In other news, I've finally gotten around to ordering an X-Arcade joystick. (I'm getting a two player version modified with high quality Sanwa joysticks.) I've been wanting one for a year, at least. I can't wait to try it, but it won't be arriving before late next week, at least. I hope it'll arrive in time for my birthday.

20 May 2008

Something Wrong With This World Pt 4

I'm just watching the Eurovision Song Contest semi-final. And I honestly can't believe it. No, it's not any worse than any other year. But somehow every year it manages to be a shock.

Does no one in this world have any notion of taste any more? As always, awful, tacky dance numbers take turns with unbelievably boring ballads and the odd very badly written comedy number. Many of the performers sing in English, and invariably pronounce it very badly.

This, more than anything else, proves that I must be living in another universe altogether. No one, I mean no one, could actually like these performances, can they?

Edit: There's a nightingale singing outside. Now that's more like my world.

18 May 2008

Something Wrong With This World Pt 3

I was just reading an article at BBC about a royal wedding. The wedding itself doesn't interest me much, but there was an interesting tidbit included. Apparently, since 1701, an heir to the throne who marries a Catholic is banned from the throne. So much for freedom of religion, then. This kind of anachronism shouldn't be possible in a modern society, no matter how steeped in tradition their system of royalty is.

Look at me, I'm blogging. About random, pointless things, too, like a real blogger (am I being sarcastic or just pointing out the irony? I don't know). Hopefully I'll get back with real content before too long, but hey, at least I'm alive.

13 May 2008

There's Something Very Wrong With This World

Finnkino, Finland's biggest movie theater chain, is going to start showing Formula 1 broadcasts in movie theaters.

This in itself seems mindbogglingly pointless, but even more ridiculous is the cost of tickets at 25 euros. That's almost three times the price of a regular movie ticket (which is already ridiculously expensive).

The only thing I can think of is that there is something very, very wrong with the world we live in, and I think I'll go hide under my bed now until all the greedy, stupid people disappear, or until such time as someone kindly donates me an X-Arcade stick.

6 May 2008

And Logs Are Lighter

Update: Several new poems.

An update not involving RPGs or video games is a rarity here. But I managed to add a couple of old poems to my poetry page (which can be found under the Elcalen's Homepage section). The additions include a couple of themed series of haikus and couple more freeform pieces.

It is fascinating to read old poems several years after writing them. It's like reading entirely new poems, sometimes. Often I have almost no recollection of writing them. Which means that even I have to struggle to understand some the more surreal, flow of consciousness style works. And I'm not sure I always do, even though I wrote them myself. ('What is life but afterlife?' What on earth's that supposed to mean?) Of course, I'm not always sure I understand a poem when I write it. Sometimes they just sneak upon you and take over your pen...

1 May 2008

Getting Muddy

Nothing really to post about. Just don't want to look dead to any potential readers (not that I believe there really are any). The new Mudcrutch album is just out. In case you don't know, Mudcrutch was Tom Petty's band in the early 70s. They never got as far as making a record back then. They broke up, and half of them went on to form the Heartbreakers. Now they've reunited and made an album. And a pretty good one at that. If you like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, it's a sure bet that you'll like Mudcrutch. Many of the songs sound like they could be straight off of a Tom Petty album. Others are a touch more country.

Been reading a little Moorcock (Revenge of the Rose, an Elric story). It's been way too long since I've actually read a novel. That's the curse of the Internet. You spend so much time just staring blankly at a screen, feeling there's something you ought to be doing that's much better for you, and more fun...

Favourite song at the moment, Tim Minchin's Rock 'N' Roll Nerd. Some of the lyrics feel disturbingly familiar.