6 May 2008

And Logs Are Lighter

Update: Several new poems.

An update not involving RPGs or video games is a rarity here. But I managed to add a couple of old poems to my poetry page (which can be found under the Elcalen's Homepage section). The additions include a couple of themed series of haikus and couple more freeform pieces.

It is fascinating to read old poems several years after writing them. It's like reading entirely new poems, sometimes. Often I have almost no recollection of writing them. Which means that even I have to struggle to understand some the more surreal, flow of consciousness style works. And I'm not sure I always do, even though I wrote them myself. ('What is life but afterlife?' What on earth's that supposed to mean?) Of course, I'm not always sure I understand a poem when I write it. Sometimes they just sneak upon you and take over your pen...

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