30 May 2008

Birthday Schmirthday

I really don't need to be any older. Not in my current life situation. No steady income, graduation dragging on and on, no way to live on my own, no relationship. If you look at my life, I should be maybe in my early twenties. But the universe seems to have other ideas. Yes, and of course there's the fact that I'm a lazy bum, but of course I can blame that on the universe as well. Oh, well.

I didn't get my X-Arcade for my birthday, even by magic (I've got a bone to pick with Hermes about that). They said it should be ready for shipping this week, but it's Friday now and I haven't received any confirmation about it. I sent them an email Tuesday night asking about its status, but they haven't answered yet, which is strange, as all my previous inquiries were answered quite promptly. They should be a reputable company, as they're the official X-Arcade retailer in the UK. So maybe they've had some unexpected disaster, illness or something. I really hope I hear from them soon. I honestly wouldn't mind delays, but I hate being left in the dark, especially when I've put a fairly large sum of money into this.

Edit: I emailed again to Gremlin Solutions about the X-Arcade. They replied and apologised for the delay, explaining that their guy in charge of mods had been off sick, and that they'd forgotten about a recent holiday in the UK. They also said they'd throw in a PlayStation 3 adapter for it, as an apology and a birthday present (I'd mentioned earlier that my birthday was coming up, as an incentive for them to ship it speedily). So I'm pretty happy about that. It should ship on Monday now, so hopefully I'll get it by the end of next week.

The really weird thing is, the thought that if it was delayed a lot they might throw in something as an apology, had crossed my mind, and I had thought that a PS3 adapter would be a pretty good choice if it came to that. (Maybe Hermes was on my side, after all, just not in his role as a speedy god but as the patron of commerce. And also thieves ;D.)


  1. No, hyvää synttäriä silti!

  2. Why don't you just email them again or call them, they may have simply missed the previous email.

  3. elnar: kiitos kiitos. ;)

    anonymous: Of course I will email them about it again if I don't hear from them soon. I won't call them, unless as a last resort. I don't live in the UK, so it'd not be very convenient or cheap.


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