1 May 2008

Getting Muddy

Nothing really to post about. Just don't want to look dead to any potential readers (not that I believe there really are any). The new Mudcrutch album is just out. In case you don't know, Mudcrutch was Tom Petty's band in the early 70s. They never got as far as making a record back then. They broke up, and half of them went on to form the Heartbreakers. Now they've reunited and made an album. And a pretty good one at that. If you like Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, it's a sure bet that you'll like Mudcrutch. Many of the songs sound like they could be straight off of a Tom Petty album. Others are a touch more country.

Been reading a little Moorcock (Revenge of the Rose, an Elric story). It's been way too long since I've actually read a novel. That's the curse of the Internet. You spend so much time just staring blankly at a screen, feeling there's something you ought to be doing that's much better for you, and more fun...

Favourite song at the moment, Tim Minchin's Rock 'N' Roll Nerd. Some of the lyrics feel disturbingly familiar.

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