30 June 2008

Ban Price Stickers, Now!

I'm really getting fed up with price stickers on DVDs, CDs and games. Half the time they're impossible to remove without leaving nasty, sticky marks on the cover. Second hand stores are worst of all, as they tend to use cheaper, poorer quality labels. Many new products are thankfully sold in wrappers, but not all.

The covers are an important part of the whole aesthetic experience of enjoying a movie, album or game. Leaving ugly stickers on the case is not an option. Having nasty marks left behind is a nightmare, and don't even get me started on stickiness.

How these things can be legal in the first place is beyond me. And I'm not joking or exaggerating here. I'm dead serious. What retailers are thinking when they're actively destroying the products they sell is also beyond me. It sure as hell doesn't show any respect for the customer.

Someone needs to make a stand here. Stores need to change their practises. After all, the case, with its artwork, liner notes etc., is one of the main reasons to actually go out and buy a product, instead of just downloading it.

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