23 June 2008

I Think I'll Have a Slice of Metatron Instead

I don't think I've mentioned Engrish.com in my blog. It's one of the few websites I check on an almost daily basis. The pictures posted are frequently hilarious, like today's God fillets.

I finally got around to testing the X-Arcade with two players. That's the trouble when your siblings have all grown up. There's never anyone around the house. I'm the oldest, but I guess I'm the only one whose idea of a good time is staying home and playing video games. Anyways, it's a whole lot of fun. Most arcade style games are at their best as multiplayer games. Although fighting games are my favourites of the arcade genre, because of their depth, I think I actually prefer co-operative games, like Metal Slug, when playing multiplayer. This is mostly because, no matter how much I love playing them, I generally suck big time at games which require skill and reflexes.

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