4 June 2008


I finally got confirmation that my X-Arcade has shipped. This makes me happy. Now I'm just waiting to get to try it. Funny thing is, I don't remember if I've ever played a game, in a video game arcade, with these kind of controls. I never hung out much in arcades as a kid. Never really had money for it in the first place (when I did spend a few coins on games, it was mainly pinball). There was a time in my late teens (or early 20s even) when I frequented a local arcade with some school friends, but we mostly played air hockey. And occasionally pinball.

I hadn't yet acquired a taste for arcade video games back then. By the time I had, the video game arcades had pretty much vanished from the scene, apart from a few single machines at movie theaters and such. And I still rarely have coins to spare.

I also just finished translating a new book today. Which means I should be getting a bit of money soon. This also makes me happy. I've been translating drawing guides by Chris Hart into Finnish for about a year and a half now. Mostly they're manga drawing guides, but also one about dragons and one about fairies. (Which, personally, I think were the most interesting. The manga ones are targeted at a pretty specific audience.)

They're only small jobs, a week or two per book, and I only do them once every few months. But still, I love getting a bit of money now and then. Its these translation jobs that allowed me to get my MacBook, new telly, PS3, and even the X-Arcade. They certainly wouldn't be enough to support living on my own, not even enough to really be worth saving up for such a time. Anyways, my hobbies and passions are really important to me. I couldn't survive without them, and are worth blowing all my money on.

I should perhaps mention that, while I love manga and other comics, I don't draw myself. I was interested in it for a while, but soon discovered I had no natural talent for it, nor the patience to learn it.

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