27 June 2008

Shop Till You Drop

So I finally got the money for my last translation job on Wednesday. What do you do when you get you first paycheck in six months? Go on a shopping spree, of course.

I was primarily looking for second hand copies of arcade games for PlayStation (1 or 2). Namely fighters, but keeping an eye out for shmups (shoot 'em ups for you laymen). Why arcade games should be obvious to anyone who's been reading this blog in recent weeks. The only decent game I found in the end was The King of Fighters XI. There are a couple new real must games out now too, the PS2 port of Silent Hill: Origins and Metal Gear Solid 4. I figured I should be careful with my money and only get one of them for now, and was really torn between which one. In the end I got the Silent Hill, partly because it was the cheaper of the two, partly because I've been having an itching to play Silent Hill recently. But obviously I'll have to get MGS4 before too long. A new MGS game is always a major event, and I'm a big fan of the series.

As many people know, I'm a huge Silent Hill fan, so a new game in the series is obviously a must play. Origins was originally made for the PSP, which I don't own, so I was really happy to hear a PS2 port had been released. I'm not entirely without doubts about the game, though, mostly because it has been made by a Western team. This, to me, is tantamount to sacrilege. But I've got to try to put my prejudices aside for a while and give it a shot.

Of course I also got a few DVDs, including a Resident Evil Trilogy box and a couple of seasons of Battlestar Galactica. A lot of people don't appreciate the Resident Evil movies a lot, some because they're not really faithful to the game franchise, some because they're, well, gory zombie movies. But I absolutely love them and find them very entertaining.

And now I'm wondering what the purpose of this post was, exactly. I guess I'm basically just making a statement about who I am and the kind of things I enjoy.

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