26 July 2008

Boycott Beijing 2008!!

For a long time I felt that, once the games had been given to China, boycott was not the right or most constructive way to protest against the situation there. But with every passing day as the games draw nearer I'm hearing reports about the actions of authorities there that are rapidly making me change my mind.

Today's paper reported that authorities are putting up lists of topics that it is forbidden to discuss with tourists. These reportedly included such things as religion and income, and even married life. Last week I read about reports, I cannot know about their truthfulness, that authorities are trying to ban blacks and mongols from entering bars during the games. Supposedly this was in order to cut down on drug trafficking and other crime.

It is obvious that China in it's current state is incapable of supporting fundamental human rights. Because these ideals of freedom and equality should go hand in hand with the Olympic games, it is clear that China does not deserve these games. Since China won't listen to protests, it's beginning to look like boycott is the only route left to take.

It's just too bad that I'm not in any kind of position for my boycotting the games to make any difference whatsoever. But I'm beginning to hope that many important figures would come to the same conclusions I have.

Of course, I don't even like sports, and wouldn't be watching the games much in any case...

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