28 July 2008

Butterfly Paradigms

Update: Added BossBattle.net's first ever comic, Butterfly Paradigms

I have a passion for comics, both Japanese and Western. I would love to create my own comics, but I discovered years ago that I have no natural talent for drawing, and neither the patience or time to learn it the hard way. So a couple of years ago I had this idea. If I can't draw myself, I'll use images created by others.

The result was a little experimental comic by the name of Butterfly Paradigms. It was put together from various photos downloaded from Flickr (all under a Creative Commons license), which I then modified to look more artistic and, well, comic-like. Butterfly Paradigms was intended to be a continuing series, an original and rather surreal take on the superhero theme, but I never got around to creating a second issue. In the end this method of creating a comic seemed too restricting and finding suitable images was a tedious task.

Now, I came accross the first issue again recently and decided it worked reasonably well even as it is, as a stand-alone comic, even if it is very short (just 12 pages) and has very little story. I did one or two little tweaks (mainly removing references to future issues), and uploaded it. So here it is for anyone interested, in PDF format. You can download the file directly here.

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