16 July 2008

Idle Country Blogging

It's funny how the times change. Just a couple of years ago the idea of spending my vacation here in the country surfing the web, playing games and watching DVDs would have seemed utterly alien. Just two simple things, a laptop and an Internet connection, have entirely changed my way of life here.

While the change has it's blessings, it's not all for the best. Just as it is at home, it's much easier to procrastinate. Surfing the web and chatting with friends tricks the mind into thinking you're actually doing something. Starting new projects, whether creative work like writing or music, or something as simple as reading a novel, feels next to impossible.

It's not all technology's fault, though. The weather these past couple of days has been pretty bleak. Otherwise I might well have been sitting outside with a good book in hand, at least. I have this tradition of reading Hayao Miyazaki's comic Nausicaä of the Valley of Wind each summer while I'm up here in Nilsiä. It's my favourite comic book bar none, and even one of my favourite books in any form, graphic or prose. (The movie version, based on just the early parts of the comic, is much inferior.) The hammock is my favourite place to read here, although these days there seems to be a lack of really suitable places to hang one.

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