1 July 2008

The King of Fighters XI

Update: Review of The King of Fighters XI for PS2

Another game review within 24 hours. Aren't I efficient today. Or, I may just be procrastinating and putting off other things I should be doing.

The King of Fighters is, surprisingly, a famous fighting game series. And it's a darn good series too, albeit not one of the easiest to approach and, like many games of the genre, suffering from frustratingly difficult bosses. Or maybe I just suck big time at this type of games. (Which I do, but won't let it stop me.) I've yet to review Guilty Gear X2, one of my all time favourites in the genre, and the game that got me hooked on fighters. Expect a review of it before too long.

I think it's mildly worrying that my PS2 game shelf has grown to such an extent that I concluded the only sensible way to organise it was in alphabetical order. I'm sure many people have much more games than I do. After all, I'm quite picky about the types of games I like. Still, it's not an entirely unimpressive sight.

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