19 August 2008

Blogger Spoiling the Suspension of Disbelief

It was just brought to my attention that when viewing a feed for the H5P blog, the words 'by Ben' can be seen in posts. This obviously doesn't do any good for the suspension of disbelief. I've removed the signature from the layout of the blog itself, but I haven't seen any option to do so for feeds...

This is bad thinking on Blogger's part. People may well write to more than one blog, so it would make a lot of sense to allow people to change their display names without changing accounts. It should be a pretty simple feature to implement, too. But alas, there is no such feature.

Creating a new account and switching to it each time I want to post to H5P seems a little too tedious to me. So there's very little I can do, it seems. Which is a pity, as feeds are a very convenient way to follow sites like this that aren't (or at least won't always be) updated on a very regular basis.

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