9 August 2008

Fandom Again

It's Ropecon weekend. Ropecon is the biggest roleplaying (and cards, miniatures etc.) convention in Finland. I was there just for Saturday, and spent most of it behind the Finnish Tolkien Society stand selling badges and stuff. Much of the time was spent in hysterics considering ways to cook elves and making up new (mostly rude) badge texts, among other things.

Ropecon. First of all, 15€ for a single day pass? Extortion. Second, I think I'm getting too old for this sort of thing. It's fun enough being social and I actually enjoy sitting behind a counter, as long as I have good company (like I did today), but I don't have the energy these days to spend an entire weekend there, nights included, and could find little interest in the program, or playing games (at least with strangers).

I'm sorry though that I once again missed Finncon, Finland's biggest science fiction convention. I was in Nilsiä, like I often am around the time it takes place, and the journey there would have been too arduous and expensive. That's my social life for this year then, I guess...

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  1. Pöydän takana oli harvinaisen hysteeristä. Testattiin haltianliha ja toimi hyvin :D


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