12 August 2008

If You Take the Music Out of a Soundtrack Album, What's Left?

I'm just listening to the CSI soundtrack. This is, sadly, very typical of how many soundtracks are these days. It's mostly tracks by various artists whose music has (I assume) been featured in the show, and just two tracks of John M. Keane's actual original music for the series.

There are way too many soundtracks like this these days. The Buffy soundtracks are good examples. Many action movie soundtracks are the same. Many of the songs on the albums aren't actually bad (I've even found several artists that have become big favourites of mine through the Buffy albums), but when I listen to a soundtrack I'd like to hear music that really represents the sound and feel of that show or movie, i.e. original music composed for it, not a collection of random pop songs, even if they perform an important function in a particular scene of that production. (Sheesh, how's that for a long sentence.)

I love the atmospheric, electronic music Keane's made for CSI. It fits in the show perfectly. I think it'd work well as background music for some RPG session, as well. But I only have ten minutes of it to listen to. What's the sense in that?

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