28 August 2008

Silly News and Even More Astrology

A news item at BBC: Arrow fired through family's cat. The fact that someone would shoot an arrow at a living creature (excepting the need to feed) is disturbing enough. But what I find most disturbing in this article is that someone is actually capable of calling their pet Marmite.

Carrying on from my previous post: at the moment I'm leaning towards leaving out all the asteroids apart from Ceres. There should be some grounds for including a particular object in a chart, and, frankly, most of the asteroids just don't stand out enough, astronomically speaking. If I were to include them, what about all the other similar objects? Ceres, as said, is now classified as a dwarf planet, like Pluto, and is also the closest of the dwarf planets, so there seem to be sufficient grounds for including it if one is to include Pluto as well. If I include the lunar north node, but leave out Lilith, which, frankly, is not that widely used and a little hard to interpret as well, that gives me 12 objects, which seems like a fitting number considering there are 12 signs and 12 houses as well.

A third question I forgot to mention in my previous post is the size of the aspect orbs. Honestly, I haven't seen two sources yet that would agree on them. So... I'll just have to pick average numbers that seem reasonable...

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