7 August 2008

What's With All the Roadkill?

I'm back in Helsinki.

I'm rarely satisfied with the results of my time spent in the country. I always have big plans, every year I'm going to write a lot and work on other creative projects, or just read, even. Well, at least this year I can blame the weather. It was one of the worst July's I can remember. When it wasn't raining, it was cold. Honestly, I haven't worn shorts even once this summer.

And then there are all the little chores you have to keep on doing. There's the woodshed to fill. Berries to pick. Lawn to mow. Even if you do just a couple of hours of work, the drain combined with the gloomy weather is likely to kill all the will and energy you may have had for creative work.

And there seemed to be lots of roadkill on the way home. More than I've noticed before. What's up with that?

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