24 September 2008

Comicsin' It Up Volume 2

I've read a couple more comics since the last post.

Koston merkki is a collection of short Praedor stories by Finnish artist Petri Hiltunen. They're pulp fantasy stories in the tradition of Conan and the like, and quite entertaining in their own way, if you enjoy that kind of thing. I do.

Banner is a Hulk story written by Brian Azzarello and drawn by Richard Corben. This pair was also responsible for the Hellblazer story Hard Time. Which is, I must say, my least favourite of all the Hellblazer stories I've read, so I didn't have my hopes up. I'm not sure what to think of this comic. The story had one or two good moments, but mostly it was barely average, just Hulk smashing the military to bits. I didn't like the art much. That was one of my main objections to Hard Time as well. Corben's characters look rubbery and bloated. They might look ok in a humorous cartoon, but not in a serious superhero comic. Honestly, there were one or two moments that looked like they could've come straight from an Asterix story! Ok, so it was a short comic and fun enough to kill half an hour, but the Marvel universe would not be any poorer if it had never been made.

The first volume of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter was pretty cool. It's an adaptation of a novel series by Laurell K. Hamilton. I've never read any of the novels, so I don't know how they compare, but I liked this comic. It's published by Marvel, but it has nothing to do with the Marvel universe, being, as I said, based on a novel series, which tell of a world where vampires are legal citizens. The storytelling could have been improved in one or two places, but mostly it was fun and with a few original twists too. The art looks quite modern and glossy, which I'm often not all that crazy about, but in this case it worked well. And, perhaps most importantly, the lead character is very cute. Only one real problem: it ends in a cliffhanger, and, to my knowledge, further volumes have not been published yet!

It won't end here. I've got enough comics for several posts still to read. But bye for now.

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