28 September 2008

Comicsin' It Up Volume 3

Another handful of comics read. Still plenty to go, but I've managed to read more than half of the pile I got from various local libraries.

Fantastic Four Visionaries: George Pérez vol. 1 collects Fantastic Four stories from the mid 70s, all drawn by Pérez and written by Roy Thomas and Len Wein. These were plenty of fun. The art style can only be described as classic superhero comic book style. It might be a little crude by modern standards, but I found it quite pleasing, almost more so than some modern comics. The stories were of varied quality, some rather cliched and even campy, some pretty cool, some simply hilarious.

Daredevil: The Man Without Fear, written by Frank Miller himself, is a re-telling of the origin of Daredevil, dating from the early 90s. Story's well written, as might be expected from Miller, and the art by John Romita Jr. is quite good as well. I enjoyed this a lot.

I also read another domestic album by Petri Hiltunen, Laulu yön lapsista. This one's a vampire story set in 16th century Russia, and pretty good too.

Last, but not least, I re-read Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits, the first story arc by Garth Ennis after he took over the comic from Jamie Delano. This is one of my favourite Hellblazer stories, if not the favourite. The story is excellent, classic Hellblazer at its very best. The art is pretty good too. My only complaint is that the colours, at least in this edition, were a little bland. But, on the other hand, that fits the grim subject quite well... Much of the subject matter for the movie Constantine was taken from this story, and, alas, totally butchered. We can only hope that some day they'll make a real Hellblazer movie.

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