6 October 2008

Comicsin' It Up Volume 5

My quest through the comics departments of local libraries continues.

This time I've read several more domestic albums by Petri Hiltunen. All of them were perhaps a little out of the ordinary. MacBeth should need no introduction. This is a fairly faithful adaptation of the play (adapted by Petri Hannini), but with a typical, dark Hiltunen look and fairly graphic violence. Aavetanssi, on the other hand, is a historical story about the Sioux Ghost Dance cult and the tragedy at Wounded Knee. Asfalttitasanko ja muita kertomuksia is a collection of short stories, mostly science fiction. Many of these were pretty cool, including one or two hilarious parodies.

Fantastic Four Visionaries: Walter Simonson Vol. 1 is another collection of (surprise) Fantastic Four stories, this time from the turn of the nineties, written and also (for a large part) drawn by Walter Simonson. I'm not quite sure how to feel about this. The first three issue story arc was mediocre at best. The second, longer story was over-the-top enough to be quite entertaining, but the storytelling wasn't exactly the strongest I've seen. It's also a lot campier than one would expect from 1990. Galactus disguising the ultimate weapon as a broken light switch? I mean, give me a break!

But I've saved the best for last. Neil Gaiman's The Books of Magic is a masterpiece! This wasn't the first time I read it, of course, but the time was just right to revisit it. The story's really very simple. Just four magicians from the DC universe (including John Constantine and the Phantom Stranger) introducing the universe to a kid who's got the potential to become a great magician himself. Even though not much really happens, it's just so well written and the characters are so cool! The art is also excellent. Each of the four issues is illustrated by a different artist. The continuation (not written by Gaiman) was pretty entertaining, but never quite got to the same level.

Well, I'm all out of Marvel and DC comics for the time being. Which means no more superheroes. Still got a pile of other stuff, but next time we should be getting very near the end... Unless I happen to wander into a library again and find some interesting comics I haven't read yet.

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