18 October 2008

Labels for All to See

Update: Added a label list

I've been wanting to add some kind of label list for quite some time. Once a blog has grown a bit, it can be very hard to find items of interest, unless you're looking for something very specific (in which case you can use a search feature). Of course you could browse through all the archives in order, but who'd want to do that? However, if you take a glance at a label (aka tag or category) list, you might well spot something interesting.

Now, blogs on blogspot.com can be easily customised with a label list widget, but that's not possible when you publish via FTP to another server, like I do. So I decided to write a little PHP code to do it. This was the first time I've ever tried my hands at PHP, so the process took a whole evening, even though the resulting bit of code is quite short and simple. It's very crude, but it appears to do what it's supposed to. You can navigate to the label list from the menu bar on the left.

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