30 October 2008

One Oh Oh

This is blog post number 100.

The vast majority of these posts have been made since last March when I adopted Blogger.com to power my blog section. I'd never have been posting so actively without it. Writing the posts themselves wouldn't be that hard, but a large number of casual posts without a decent archiving and categorisation system would be rather pointless.

I don't have a huge amount of readers. I'm not sure if anyone reads this on a regular basis. But then again, most blogs probably don't have many readers. That's not the point. I write as much for myself as I write for others.

So what is it all about? In the end, I guess it's just Me. Most of my posts are related to my hobbies: RPGs, video games, comics, music, even spirituality. There's no one clear theme, but patterns are beginning to emerge in the chaos. Sum it all up, and you'll begin to see what makes me tick. And it won't end here.

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