22 November 2008

And Song Number 10,000 Is...

10,000 plays at Last.fm since joining February 2007. I guess that's worth a blog post, if nothing else. That's an average of 16 plays a day, apparently. A lot of those plays are from this year, though, since I only started to accumulate a proper collection in electronic form after getting my MacBook last autumn, and it took a while to move my data from the old computer.

Whether keeping track of what you listen to actually affects what you listen to is an interesting question. Of course you don't need Last.fm to do that. iTunes counts play times for each track, as other modern players do, I expect. But of course Last.fm has a more holistic way of presenting that data. My MacBook has had a greater impact on my listening habits, though. Having a computer that's convenient enough to have turned on at any time, anywhere, with enough disk space for my music collection has made CD players obsolete for me.

For the record, track number 10,000 was Run Down the Devil by Alice Cooper, from the 2005 album Dirty Diamonds. Which, a little surprisingly perhaps, is one of Cooper's best, in my opinion.


  1. Heh, samana päivänä mulle tuli 100000 :P

  2. Huh, siihen on mulla vielä matkaa. No, oot sä ollut pari vuotta mua pidempään jäsenenäkin...


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