28 November 2008

Bye Bye Bruce?

I don't follow the latest events in comic books. I just don't have any means to do so, English language comic books being somewhat hard to find here, and I wouldn't have the money to buy several issues each month anyway. Often I'll read classic stories years later when I stumble upon a trade paperback version in a library.

I was suprised, however, by this news item over at the BBC website. It seems that Bruce Wayne has apparently been killed in the latest issue of Batman. There seem to be indications that it may indeed be the end of Wayne's days as Batman, and that someone else could step into his shoes. Or cape, rather. Well, that remains to be seen.

If the solution is indeed final, I'm not really sure how to feel about it. Ok, superheroes have been killed and replaced by new versions many times. But there are few characters as iconic as Bruce Wayne. It would be a brave move, that's for sure. But of course that's why I love the big comic book universes of DC and Marvel. They're alive, everything's so complex and interconnected. And then a big twist comes along, and wham... While superhero comics need a certain amount of clichés, the best comics of all are those that take those clichés and kick their arses.

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