10 November 2008

Glamming Up

What's the world coming to? Grown men experimenting with nail polish?

I've always found glam appealing. I love 70's rock music, after all. T.Rex, David Bowie, the ever great and oh so hard to categorise Queen, and newer groups like The Ark as well... Trouble is, I don't have the build or face to be glam. I've always been destined for a more hippie style. There's no way I'm getting rid of this beard, for instance.

But yes, I'm wearing black nail polish at the moment. I put it on for Hallowe'en originally. And I found I liked it. Mostly, I guess, 'cause it's something new and different. Well, new for me, leastways. I don't know if it looks cool or just silly on a guy like me. But honestly, that's not the point, is it? This is something I needed to do at this point. Simple as that.

I'd like to try other colours as well. It's harder for guys to find shades that suit them, though. White might be interesting. Perhaps a very dark shade of green? It's hard to say without trying...

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