14 November 2008

A Typically Boring Friday Night Post

Friday night. Ten thirty pm. And I'm sitting in front of this wretched machine, wondering what to do with myself. So just to make sure I won't accomplish anything tonight I'll be writing a pointless blog post.

I've acquired a slight cold somewhere along the way. What joy. Not much, but just enough to not let me really focus on anything worthwhile for the last couple of days. Like schoolwork, which is building up at a frightening pace.

I've been re-reading Rumiko Takahashi's Maison Ikkoku. It's one of the few comics I love that have nothing to do with fantasy or science fiction. The characters are just so endearing. And it's hilarious as well, of course. Alas, I lack a few volumes, and the edition they're selling now is different than the old ones I have, with chapters divided up differently between volumes. If I just lacked volumes from the end it wouldn't perhaps be a huge deal, but the ones I lack are from the beginning and middle, which makes it rather inconvenient. Of course I don't have the money for it either, so the question is mostly academic.

Nothing much more to add. It has been a very boring week. Which is mostly my own fault, of course.

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