5 November 2008

V for Hallowe'en Elections

Nearly a week between posts again. And it's been a busy week for the world, indeed. The USA obviously made the right choice. There's the tinyist glimmer of hope now. Not a big one, but you know it'll be better rather than worse than it was with Bush, even though I must admit I know next to nothing about Obama. There's no such thing as a perfect leader, of course. Elections are always about choosing the lesser evil.

And there was Hallowe'en, of course. I was at a party with a group of friends, a tradition of many years. Nothing big or fancy, just good company, lots of food and Tim Burton's Nightmare Before Christmas. I even had something approaching a costume this year. I just added a pic of it to the image section.

I re-read Alan Moore's masterpiece V for Vendetta. This was the first time I read it since the movie came out, so seeing all the differences was an interesting experience. As comic book movies go, I think the movie was actually quite faithful to the spirit of the comic, even though there are many differences. The main thing I noticed was that there were simply more, and more interesting, and more tragic, characters in the comic. Alan Moore is a brilliant, and very sophisticated writer. I first fell in love with his style in Swamp Thing, and have been a big fan ever since.

Edit: I didn't even realize it was 5th of November today!

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