22 December 2008

Ahead of Schedule

Another relatively random blog post. First whole day here in Nilsiä. We're getting ready for Christmas, and we're pretty early this year. Most of the cleaning is done. The tree is already up and decorated, something we haven't usually done before Christmas Eve. Tomorrow I guess will focus on cooking. And we'll probably have our traditional Christmas sauna tomorrow as well, meaning we'll have a more leisurely Christmas Eve, less stuff crammed in.

Even with all this stuff going on I've managed to do some work today. The latest translation project is pretty much done, awaiting a final read through. I've been doing Finnish translations of Chris Hart's Manga Mania series for a couple of years now, about a dozen books now (link to list at Finnish publisher's website). It's just a couple of weeks of work at a time, but it's nice to earn a little spending money. It made it possible for me to get a PS3 last winter, which, of course, was a prerequisite to my recent MGS4 bliss.

It'll be a white Christmas. It pretty much always is, up here.

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