24 December 2008

For the Love of the Gods No More Chocolates Please

Edit: I wrote this post on Christmas Eve, but due to problems at Blogger it didn't get published until Boxing Day.

Christmas Eve is turning towards its, well, eve. All in all it was very traditional. Lots of cooking in the day, a trip to the cemetery (a really magical sight with its sea of candles in the dark night), the traditional Christmas dinner with its ham and sweetened potato box, and finally the presents. DVDs seem to dominate our family's presents these days.

Personal highlights include Gaiman's latest, The Graveyard Book, which I can't wait to read, and the first season of Babylon 5. (B5 is a gaping hole in my civilisation, I have to admit. I've only seen a couple random episodes, and some of the TV movies. For this I mostly blame our local network which aired the show rather late at night. I only really woke up to it when it was practically over.) Oh, and a rather cute plush kitty.

Here in Finland modern Christmas celebration is pretty much focused on the Eve. Tomorrow should be a lazy day, enjoying more of the food (which should last us several days), and getting better acquainted with the lovely gifts, of course.

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