4 December 2008

Guns for the Patriots

In America an ergonomic "Palm Pistol", apparently targeted towards the elderly, has been listed as a "Class I Medical Device". Which means that in the future doctors may be able to prescribe it as a "Daily Activity Assist Device", and patients may seek reimbursement through health insurance.

All I can say is there's something very sick and perverted about American society. Activities for the elderly are important, but, really, prescription guns? There can be no justification for private gun ownership in the modern world, except for maybe hunting weapons. The very idea that more guns would make the world safer is ludicrous.

In other news, I finally bought Metal Gear Solid 4 today. Can't wait to try it. I've enjoyed the previous titles very much. In a time when I was playing almost exclusively RPGs, MGS2 was the game that made me realise action games can be really cool as well, and a valuable medium for storytelling to boot.

Is there irony in commenting against gun ownership and praising a war game in the same post? There shouldn't be. To anyone with any sense it should be obvious that violence in the real world and in fiction have nothing to do with each other. Real violence is never acceptable. Violence in fiction, like video games, however, can even be healthy. We need those aggressive, adrenaline-filled moments to relieve stress.

On the other hand, you can use violence to deliver a statement against violence, even while entertaining and creating those "wow" moments that only really cool action can create at the same time. Metal Gear Solid has always been very story-oriented, and it's message has definitely been against war, and other forms of oppression (such as censorship in MGS2).

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