7 December 2008

MGS4 First Impressions

A couple of sessions of Metal Gear Solid 4 later. First impressions: Nice graphics. Classic characters. Typically quirky Kojima humour and inside jokes. The beginnings of a really epic story (although very little has happened yet). So, all the makings of a typically awesome MGS title.

But what's this? The controls have changed? You aim with L1 instead of R1, which is now used for firing. And most importantly, the camera is now free-moving, which means you'll have to be adjusting the angle constantly. That takes a little getting used to, and makes for some orientation problems when switching to aiming view. There are a lot of configuration options though, which can make play feel a little more like MGS2/3. Why Select isn't used for Codec by default is beyond me.

I think the controls in MGS2 were more intuitive. But once you get past that, all the classic MGS elements are there, and the feel is quite familiar. So, we'll just have to see how the game progresses.

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