24 December 2007

Testing... One Two Three...

It's been a while, once again. Nothing new. Ben comes and he goes. Right now I'm setting up an environment for writing and publishing these pages directly on the web server. This'll make updating easier. But there's one or two hiccups still. Except future updates sooner than a year from now.

As for news, there's not much. My adventures in the world of operating systems took a new turn, as I bought a new MacBook last summer. I've been very happy with it, and Mac OS X, for the most part. No, it's not exactly all Free Software, but it's a hell of a better than Windows. And being a Unix system, OS X is quite compatible with much of the Free Software scene.

Update: I think I've got the hiccups pretty much sorted out. As a Christmas bonus I've added a new episode of my Kin of Cerberos RPG campaign, as well as two new video game reviews, Guilty Gear and Viewtiful Joe.

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