6 January 2009

On the Twelfth Day of Christmas I Got a Flu

Well, I'm back in Helsinki, just in time to catch a cold. Wonderful. Luckily today is a holiday, but still, not the best time for a flu, I (surprisingly) hope it won't be a bad one. I'd rather have the drummers.

I spent the weekend in Tampere, where we held the Finnish Tolkien Society's traditional party on Tolkien's birthday (January 3rd). It was fun. I went on to stay at my cousin's place for a couple of days. Which was also fun.

The holidays were ok. I managed to read a good book, write a couple of songs, brush up a little on my tarot and astrology. I didn't get enough fresh air, jellies (what? only chocolates this year? I don't even like chocolates much, except for liqueur fills), cousin time (although the visit to Tampere improved the social side of Christmas somewhat), or anime (lots of old favourites waiting for a re-watch).

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