12 February 2009

Settling In with Music

Carrying on from my last post: the first days living with my new Debian installation. One of the major apps I need is obviously the music player. I've been a slave to iTunes for too long. There's the proprietary software thing, for one. But also the fact that depending too much on its features can make switching to another application a real pain. Not all those features are really standardised.

I installed Amarok 2. It's showing potential, and I'm getting accustomed to the rather different interface, little by little. It's not without problems, though. First thing: none of the album artwork I added in iTunes is showing. OK, Amarok has a pretty nifty 'fetch album cover' feature, and a lot of that was corrected in a matter of minutes. Of course a good few covers were wrong, but they can be corrected individually, it's not an acute issue. (Except saving individual covers seems to have issues, some of the covers have reverted back after restarting, some haven't...)

The most serious problem, though, is handling albums with multiple artists. More precisely, they're not really handled at all. Each artist is listed separately, which is incredibly annoying. There's an option for tagging albums as 'various artists', but it is very buggy, the settings are apparently lost each time the music collection is re-scanned. I really hope this gets corrected soon.

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