2 March 2009

To Ashes

Update: New episode of my Kin of Cerberos RPG online.

We played another session of my current RPG campaign. I've been running this game for three years now, even if sessions have at times been infrequent at best. That's a long campaign by our group's standards, the longest since I've kept a record of my games. (I don't remember for how many sessions my Dragonlance game back in the nineties ran. I doubt it was much longer than this, though.) Perhaps it's time for a break soon, time to try something a little different, if only for a few sessions. But not before a climactic ending to the current story arc...

The summary of this session is available online, like usual. It's not very long this time, as I didn't have much time to plan for the game. (Well, I had a couple of months, really, but I was too lazy to start planning before we actually settled on a date, and then it was too late.)

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