12 May 2009

Thundering Guitars

First thunderstorm of the spring today! Just a shower, but still. Nothing quite as refreshing, awe inspiring and beautiful as a good thunderstorm. I love them. Summer's coming, and fast. Most trees have leaves already, even if they're still small.

Ok, onwards. I'm working on a couple of little translations again. Which means I'll be getting a little money to spend again soon. This time I'm thinking of finally investing in a new electric guitar.

My old semi-acoustic Ibanez is, to put it bluntly, in disgraceful condition. The frets are hardly in great shape, and tuning it is a nightmare. It would need some major work to be suitable for any serious purpose. And even then, it's not perhaps an ideal guitar for, say, recording songs on my computer.

I'm not sure what to get yet. I'll have to visit stores and try some out. But it'll be a solid body guitar this time, probably with humbuckers, I think (the hum has always been a problem with the old semi-acoustic), possibly even active pickups, but I'll need to find out more about them, as I have no experience of them at all. Whether I want a tremolo bar is another choice I need to make. It'd have to be a locking tremolo system, obviously. Etc. Etc. It won't be an easy choice. It'll be easy to spend more than I should. But we'll see where we end up...

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